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We really have been lax in getting these pictures up. The pups were 7 weeks old on April 26. They have been BAER tested and all are bilateral hearing. Sally, Michael, and Meaggi are excellent show prospects with exceptionally dark brown eyes like their parents. Lucy is an adorable patched pet. Both parents are also spectacular movers and the pups are promising to follow in their pawprints. Watch for 7 week pictures in the next few days.

Sally - B/W female


Michael - B/W male


Meaggi - B/W female


The camera malfunctioned and the individual shots of Lucy didn't turn out. Lucy is the little patched "doll" laying under Grandma Patti's chin. Is this a picture for a Mother's Day card or what??


Sally (top) and Michael (bottom)

Whoever has the most toys wins!!!

Meaggi (top) and Michael (bottom)

Growing up can really wear you out!!