My slogan "where type and temperament come together" sums up my belief in what the Dalmatian is, when at its best. Type is that combination of qualities that make this a Dalmatian and not any other breed. Those qualities include: robust good health at all ages, free and effortless ground-covering movement, clean lines without an excess of either refinement or bulk, distinct "presence", an abundance of intelligence and personality, and, of course, vivid spotting. Temperament is a mix of "temper" and "mental" which blend to create each dog's individual personhood. Without proper temperament, no dog, regardless of breed and no matter how perfect in type, can be considered correct. A well-bred Dalmatian will be stable, fun loving, creatively intelligent, confident and social. The Dalmatian should never be shy, aggressive, stubborn, obtuse, nor a pushover. A Dalmatian will check every day to see if you really are smarter than they. If you are right for this breed, you will catch them checking (most of the time) and love them for doing so (all of the time).

Ever since adopting my first Dalmatian over twenty-five years ago -- mine has been a one-breed heart. Over sixteen years ago I bred my first litter and began seriously breeding, training and showing Dalmatians. I was fortunate to begin with a sound foundation in both type and temperament upon which to build. Six years ago my first therapy dog was certified; I now work with my third generation therapy dog. Recently we have added training in both Tracking and Agility and as my dogs will testify, both are tremendous fun.

As with so many other people devoted to Dalmatians I am troubled by the large number of this wonderful breed who are ending their lives in animal shelters across the nation. I am equally troubled by the number of Dalmatians who will live out their lives on chains in backyards or other circumstances that separate them from the people whose love means the world to them. My experience has shown that the vast majority of these dogs simply started their lives in the wrong hands. If you want a Dalmatian puppy, please go to a reputable breeder (referrals available) and follow their advice about how to train and live with this most wonderful breed. If you are interested in Dalmatians and you find this is not the right time for a puppy, please consider rescue (more referrals available). Do feel free to contact me with your Dalmatian questions.
My affiliations include Dalmatian Club of America, Puget Sound Dalmatian Club, Nisqually Kennel Club, St. Peter Hospital Animal-Assisted Activity and Therapy Working Group, Delta Society, and founding member of the Augsburg Canine Klub.


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